Sports & Culture

AISCO believes in creating a society that is rich in culture. In line with this, it established a well planned rehabilitation colony with modern facilities for displaced families living in the nearby villages.

The Arya Group Foundation has taken this initiative one step further by actively promoting sports, as well as traditional art and culture in the periphery. Besides encouraging national level games like football, volleyball and kick boxing, we also organise national level art exhibitions and provide local art such as Pala, with much needed institutional support. Our long term plan also includes restoring the fame of the conventional Odisha art form.

In an effort to achieve these goals, the AGF has undertaken the following activities:

  • Promoting sports like football and kickboxing by providing sports materials in order to increase participation in district, state and national level tournaments
  • Providing sponsorship for the development of national sports like football, cricket, volleyball and kickboxing in the periphery
  • Organising school level annual sports
  • Sponsoring cultural events to restore Indian cultural tradition and values
  • Barbil Art Project - Biennially we conduct Barbil Art Project, where we invite national & local level artist and artisans to promote cultural heritage of Odisha