Barbil Art Project

Smt. Triptiji Arya, Managing Trustee-AGF, a passionate lover of art, had always desired to change the approach & understanding of art, to make art accessible to all.

In an art exhibition at Mumbai Smt. Triptiji Arya met Shri Jagannath Panda, an established & renowned artist & a native of Odisha. During the conversation an idea was born… BARBIL ART PROJECT… an artistic platform with an ideology to uplift the local art culture by bringing contemporary Indian art and the artists to Barbil to exhibit and interact with the local community.

This was the beginning of Barbil Art Project (BAP), an artistic platform where not only renowned artists but also amateur artists from different states would come to Barbil for a residency workshop to interact with the locals at Barbil, understand the culture and exhibit their skills and creations.

The Barbil Art Project identified its audience from different sectors like Labors, Local Villagers, Inhabitants of Arya Colony & is executed at different places like Mines, Industry and peripheral villages, schools, etc…
The Barbil Art Project was quite an electric and novel project of ARYA GROUP FOUNDATION (AGF).
This dream came true in the year 2012.
Barbil Art Project is a collaborative biennial art event

This project was designed and executed by UTSHA Foundation in Arya Colony, Barbil under CSR initiative of Arya Group.